Wyndmoor Montessori Alumni

The school is gone but the memories live on


The school closed in 2015 and as of 2019 the building has been redeveloped into eight apartment units called 1400 Lofts. Are you a former student or staff member? Email us at wyndmoormont@gmail.com and we'll post your pictures and recollections here.

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Photo donated by "Chris." If you have some too, e-mail us.

Identified in this image: Teacher Hedy Love. Students: Lisa, Billy, Alan, Caroline.


The building was built as a school in 1893. At some point it was known as the "Wyndmoor Public School" then became Wyndmoor Montessori in 1963.

The address was: 1400 East Willow Grove Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA 19038. Phone: 215-233-0141.

More to come...